Biblioteca Comunale Villanova d'Asti - Sala Lettura Dada Rosso

Address: Via Edmondo de Amicis, 3, 14019 Villanova d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 946085
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Villanova d'Asti civic library.

The Library offers books loan and consultation, promotes consolidated cultural initiatives such as presenting new books, reading aloud to children and other events.

• Loan books

The loan is free. The loan registration card is strictly personal.

All existing works in the library can be loaned, excluding local materials, reference works, bound periodicals or in any case destined for conservation, rare or valuable material, manuscripts and those works which, in the opinion of the commissioner , must remain in place.

As a rule, no more than two volumes are loaned at a time. Based on criteria of opportunity, the manager has the right to derogate from this rule.

For books and weeklies the duration of the loan is determined in 30 days, for the audiovisual material 3 days for a sample, 5 days for 2 copies.

Renewal is allowed for another period to be determined upon expiry of the deadline provided that other persons have not requested the same publication.

Users are required to communicate any change of domicile, to diligently keep the works they have borrowed, to not lend them to others and to return them by the due date or even earlier, when requested by the person in charge. Library material should be used with care and diligence.

Readers are required to report any faults found. In case of loss or deterioration, the manager is required to purchase an identical copy of the publication, or a copy of another edition of the same work, of a not inferior venal value:

Only in the proven impossibility to find the volume, will be required to refund the book based on the updated catalog price.

The user who has been responsible for serious damage to the material will be excluded from the library, or suspended from the loan in a manner defined by the manager.

• Internet use

It is a free service for the exclusive use of card members.

The connection takes place from two stations for one hour, renewable if there are no waiting users on expiry.

The service is extended to minor members whose adults have signed the appropriate document and read the regulation.

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